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Delaney Stafford LLC

from left: (back) Abraham E. Sisson, Emily E. Cunniff, Amy H. Yoon (front) Linda A. Delaney, Hope L. Stafford | Not Pictured: Anne-Marie “Callie” Carnemark

4445 Willard Ave, Ste 600

Chevy Chase, MD



Q: What do you do when you encounter a difficult custody or financial issue in a case?

A: When we approach any problem in a case, we take care to analyze the relevant facts and to obtain subject matter expertise regarding the issue. When necessary, we conduct research and consult experts to become well-versed in the major presenting issues, whether they are related to family dynamics, the needs of children or complex financial matters. Over time, this has created a wealth of knowledge in our attorneys regarding recurring issues in families. This enables us to fashion creative and, often, win-win solutions in settlements. Having analyzed and researched these issues early in the case also leaves us very well situated for any necessary litigation.

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