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Front Row (L-R): Linda Delaney, Michele Zavos, Joseph Figini, Margaret McKinney, Hope Stafford Back Row (L-R): Abraham Sisson, Lauren Sharrock, Emily Cunniff, Bianca Pinnock, Mary Likos, Shaoli Katana

5425 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 401

Chevy Chase



How do you approach working with a client?
There is no such thing as a “typical” domestic dispute—every case is different. We make sure that every client receives individual attention, knowledgeable guidance and experienced legal representation that they need.

Our first step is to understand the client’s needs and goals. We take a holistic approach by looking at legal problems in the context of the person’s entire life. Clients often have complex issues that require a creative solution in order to attain the best result, so we take the time to understand and assist them in defining and achieving their goals. We also bring a multifaceted approach to cases, ranging from traditional negotiations to mediation and complex litigation. We try to resolve cases amicably, but should a case require litigation, our team is prepared to use our keen negotiating skills and powerful courtroom presence to pursue the best possible result.

Ultimately, our forward-looking approach to cases helps the client face difficult situations and redefine their lives.

Delaney McKinney is an established family law firm in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, which is known for being leaders in the field. We assist with life transitions such as prenuptial agreements, family formation (adoption, assisted reproductive technology, surrogacy), divorce, custody, LGBTQ+ issues, estate planning and probate. Although we view litigation as a last resort, we are highly skilled and experienced litigators. We apply the right mix of knowledge, creativity and compassion to successfully resolve even the most complex family matters amicably, constructively and with dignity.

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