Ask the Experts: Seniors & Aging

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From left: Michael DeSarno, BSN, RN, Aging Life Care Manager; Susy Elder Murphy, BA, CMC, Owner; Teresa Boring, LCSW-C, LICSW, Aging Life Care Manager. Photo by Lisa Helfert

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Q: I moved my mother from assisted living to my home during the pandemic. We’ve managed but not without difficulties. How should I weigh the options for her—and me—now that we’re vaccinated and through the worst?

A: With so many family caregivers overwhelmed on all fronts, our team of nurses, social workers and gerontologists—all vaccinated—are busy helping people with your exact kind of “now what?” challenge.

Just as the pandemic added layers of different needs and decisions, coming out of it brings a new menu of choices. We know socialization is very important at every age. Even though she has you, think about her opportunities for stimulation and engagement in your home and neighborhood. If you go back to your office, even part-time, how can she feel busy and engaged, and safe, while you’re away?

Was your mother happy in assisted living, with friends and enjoyable activities? Has she expressed a preference? If you both agree she should stay with you, you no longer have to fear bringing in help, since many agency caregivers are vaccinated. If she was fine with the support of the assisted living staff, that’s another piece of the puzzle.

Every day we’re hearing from families like yours, feeling somewhat out of the woods and relieved about vaccinations, but now grappling with next steps, wanting to make sure they make the right choices. Our team is experienced and can be quickly on their way to meet with you and your mom, in the comfort of your home, to provide a compassionate ear and practical advice tailored to meet your family’s needs. Peace of mind is closer than you think!

“We say we’re like wedding planners for growing older,” says Susy Elder Murphy, owner of Debra Levy Eldercare Associates, an experienced team of social workers, nurses and gerontologists providing individualized Aging Life Care Management services in Maryland and the metropolitan DC area since 1988.

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