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David Felsen

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What qualities make the most successful attorney-client relationships and why?
The best relationships are formed when there is agreement on the goals of the representation and an understanding of the strategies used to achieve those goals.

Many law firms provide experience. We offer the benefit of making sure our clients understand the process and strategies that go into our plans to achieve their goals. We take time to review options, and the pros and cons of any decision. Each of our attorneys has well over 30 years’ experience in criminal law, family law and general legal practice.

There are few issues we have not dealt with over the years. We use our experience and familiarity with local courts to put our clients in the best positions possible.

Felsen & Sargent attorneys practice in criminal defense, family law and general practice. Each has litigated in just about every courthouse in Maryland and D.C. They have experience in federal and state law matters.

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