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Darcy A. Shoop, Esq.

Family Law & Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorney

51 Monroe Street, Suite 1901






In this issue of Bethesda Magazine, your peers identified you as a Top Attorney for “alternative dispute resolution.” What is ADR in the context of divorce?
After years of litigating divorce cases, and seeing the emotional and financial damage that results from courtroom battles, I made a heartfelt decision to focus on healthier alternatives such as Collaborative Divorce, mediation and negotiation. By focusing on creative, constructive settlement solutions, separating couples are much more likely to make mutually beneficial decisions that protect their children, maintain family dignity and preserve precious financial resources.

In my experience, durable agreements are reached only when both people feel vested in the outcome. Divorce is heartbreaking enough. Obtaining one can be achieved without adding to the pain.

Darcy Shoop is a family law attorney who was selected by her peers as a Top Attorney for Alternative Dispute Resolution in the 2019 November/December issue of Bethesda Magazine. One of the D.C. area’s most experienced collaborative divorce attorneys, she is an accomplished negotiator and a skillful mediator.

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