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Dana Rice Group


5471 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 300
Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Phone: 202-669-6908



Q: What should homeowners know about today’s market?

A: The important thing to know is what is universal in any market: Buyers care about overall home maintenance. No matter the pace of the real estate market, homeowners should recognize that good maintenance, fresh paint, impeccable curb appeal, strategic marketing and an excellent pricing strategy will protect you regardless of how the market is doing.

Just having a “hot” market does not mean your home is going to sell. In fact, when you do fail to sell, you’ll fail bigger and more publicly than if the market is struggling. This is not the time to skimp on efforts because it’s a “hot” market.

Q: What is your best tip for people looking to sell?

A: Work with a real estate agent from your first thought of selling. Especially one who understands market values in your specific area. We Realtors are consistently honing our recommendations based on current market data. The information that we provide one month maybe totally different three months later. It’s important to stay in touch and in tune with the Realtors. They are the front line of any trend.

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Named the #1 Small Team in Maryland by REAL Trends, Dana Rice Group has sold more than $440 million, in the top 1 percent of residential agents globally. With backgrounds in architecture, staging, marketing, sales and communications, agents serve first-time buyers and those looking in the upper brackets with diligence, care and excellence.

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