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Cory Aplin, DC

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What makes your weight loss programs so effective?

Number one is customization. Each person we see is a unique individual with unique needs. Every couple of years, a new fad diet pops up with a fancy name like “Paleo” or “Keto,” and it’s supposed to be the next big thing in weight loss. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a quality cookie-cutter approach, which is why we look at someone’s biochemistry as well as food choices. Acidity, inflammation and hormone balance are just as important as what someone is eating. We believe that discovering the big “why” behind someone’s weight loss goals is equally as important as the goal itself. Some people want to get healthy. Some want to fit into a dress or pair of jeans. Others want to be able to spend more quality time with family. Those are the reasons that drive us.

Who is the best candidate for care in your office?

The best candidates are those who are looking for a permanent solution to losing weight, without medications or surgery. We know the weight loss landscape can be confusing at best and is often overwhelming. A quick Google search of “weight loss” produces almost 2 billion results! Most people we work with have already tried other programs or attempted to lose weight on their own, and in some cases they’ve already had weight loss surgery. They’re frustrated because they don’t know where to turn. But that’s our specialty. We identify the person’s unique needs and create a program that allows them to lose weight quickly and still eat amazing food, without having to go to the gym, starve themselves, or eat any pre-packaged meals or diet shakes. Learning the right lifestyle habits is the only proven pathway to permanent weight loss, and that’s what we’re all about.

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