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Christy A. Zlatkus, Esq.

Z Family Law, LLC

100 Park Ave., Suite 205




Twitter: @zfamilylaw
Facebook: @zfamilylaw

What are your top priorities?

My overarching goal is to change how our society as a whole—and my clients in particular—view divorce. So many people feel stuck in miserable, even abusive marriages because of our culture’s negative narrative about divorce. Marriages don’t fail; they end, and that ending is the start of a new normal. Divorce is a reset button, not a “game over” button. We help reframe divorce as a positive starting point for building the life our clients deserve.

What motivates and inspires you?

Walking alongside my clients through some of the worst challenges they will face in their lives inspires me every day. While my firm provides high-quality legal services to families in all situations, we excel in cases that involve issues of power and control. Since my participation in the George Washington University Law School’s Domestic Violence Clinic, I have approached cases involving these issues with awareness and compassion. We have a Ph.D. on our team who has researched divorce and domestic violence in countries around the globe. This considerable knowledge and passion allow us to understand and advocate for the people we serve.

What do you look forward to when you go to work every day?

I genuinely enjoy working with my phenomenal team to change people’s lives. We each draw on our unique experience to benefit our clients. Our director of operations is an ace paralegal with incredible attention to detail. Our client relations director possesses expertise in the areas of addiction, trauma and conflict resolution. Together, we encourage our clients to dream big while helping them take real steps to achieve their goals. We lift our clients as they climb.

“Divorce is a reset button, not a ‘game over’ button. We help reframe divorce as a positive starting point for building the life our clients deserve.”

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