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Chevy Chase Trust


7501 Wisconsin Ave, 15th Floor
Bethesda, MD 20814


Phone: 240-497-5008


Q: What separates Chevy Chase Trust from other firms in the industry?

A: We are an independent and privately owned investment management firm with roots in the Washington, D.C. community that date back more than 100 years. We specialize in thematic investing—building long-term portfolios of companies positioned to exploit powerful, secular trends, disruptive ideas, innovation and economic forces. Our client portfolios are managed internally, using individual stocks and bonds. We avoid mutual funds, ETFs and outside managers, so there are no layers of additional fees. And clients understand what they own.

Personalized financial planning is done in-house and informs each client’s investment strategy and asset allocation. All plans are updated regularly as client circumstances, market conditions and tax laws change.
With more than 90 employees—with an average of 20 years’ experience—we are big enough to offer world-class expertise and service, but small enough to offer a personal approach to comprehensive wealth management. Client retention rate exceeds 98 percent.

Q: What is your investment approach?

A: Chevy Chase Trust’s investment process is organized around global themes rather than standard industry classifications such as market capitalization, geography, style or specific benchmarks. To develop a theme, our research analysts begin by taking a broad view of the global economic landscape and identifying secular trends that are most likely to influence corporate performance across multiple industries. Themes can be driven by disruptive technologies, demographics, cultural shifts, changing consumer behaviors or new business models.

Once an investment theme is established, we conduct in-depth research on companies positioned to benefit from the theme, and just as importantly, companies that will be negatively disrupted by the theme. We assess each company’s strategic direction, competitive position, valuation, financial condition and management. Every portfolio company is the product of fundamental analysis. Ultimately, a client portfolio is comprised of 40-50 individual stocks.

All investing involves risk of loss, including principal. The investment strategies of Chevy Chase Trust Company ("CCTC") are not guaranteed or insured by CCTC and/or any governmental body. Please see CCTC's ADV Part 2 for more information.

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