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Cantrell Cohen LLC

From left: Constance H. Cantrell and Aileen Miller Cohen

7305 Radnor Road



Aileen Miller Cohen: 240-353-8923, Constance H. Cantrell: 202-431-0300

Why do I or why does my small to medium-size business need a law firm?
While you don’t need your own general counsel, you need legal advice on structuring agreements and transactions, resolving disputes and navigating all aspects of employment law.

We learn how your business works. Clients rely on us to understand the complexities of their needs, and provide legal advice that is creative and cost-effective. We bring years of experience at large law firms and corporations to focus strategically on your specific goals for corporate agreements, formation and transactions, employment law, business disputes and litigation.

We also help individuals at every stage of their careers, including negotiating all types of executive employment agreements, reviewing severance arrangements, guiding you if you are bound by a non-competition agreement and advising you if you suspect you might be terminated.

We also bring our dogs to work.

Cantrell Cohen specializes in corporate law and transactions, employment law, and commercial and civil litigation.

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