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Photo by Hilary Schwab

Brian & Amy Maury

Maury Home Team


Compass | 7200 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 100
Bethesda, MD 20814


Phone: 301-325-4914



Q: Should I fix that before I sell?

A: The answer is often YES! A professional real estate agent is not afraid to tell you what you “need” to hear versus what you “want” to hear. Honest advice, based on decades of experience, will help a client’s home sell faster and for more money.

This year, Brian and Amy Maury will collectively complete 50 years of real estate service. The journey has involved many joyous occasions and sometimes the heartbreaking work of helping clients through a loss. Through it all, they have dedicated themselves to do their best work for each client. They look forward to sharing the journey with new clients in the years ahead.

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