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Bethesda NEWtrition and Wellness Solutions

Sitting (L-R): Loreto Albiol, M.D.; Livleen Gill, RD; Susan J. Miller, M.D. Standing (L-R): Tierra Anderson, CRNP; Modest Ndangoh, FNP; Rose Oshinsky, RN; Pinky Singh, M.D.; Susannah Edwards, RD; Margarita Matamoros, LCSW-C

10215 Fernwood Road, Suite 630




Although many of their patients are managing diabetes or are trying to lose weight, people of all ages—from toddlers to seniors—have been seen at Bethesda NEWtrition and Wellness Solutions ever since Livleen Gill, past president of the Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, went into private practice. Her goal is to help people attain their own individual best health. “Prevention is the key to better health,” says Gill.

The business has grown over the years from a nutrition practice to a full health and wellness team of 15 providers. Providers in primary care, which includes geriatrics and internal medicine, are skilled in their fields and have special interest in both ends of a spectrum: preventive and chronic disease.

Gill and her team of dietitians have nutrition covered, and a consulting psychiatrist oversees the behavioral health component. General wellness has broad reach, with health education classes, speech therapy and acupuncture, occupational therapy, massage and physical therapy.

Whatever a person needs all fits seamlessly with the guidance of an assigned care coordinator, who can also recommend community services such as Meals on Wheels or help in the home when that is needed. House calls are made to patients living in local assisted living and retirement communities.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Maryland chose Bethesda NEWtrition and Wellness Solutions to serve as a pioneering Care Transformation Organization, a new model for primary care that encompasses prevention and behavioral health. This healthcare practice is assisting other practices as they evolve into this new model.

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