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Best Senior Care

17830 New Hampshire Ave., Suite 302

Ashton, MD



Established in 2002, Best Senior Care provides care for seniors, helping them live confidently and age gracefully in their own homes for as long as possible. As many seniors can be hesitant to invite a caregiver into their home, Best Senior Care understands that building trust with the family is essential. And for nearly 20 years, the family owned and operated company has been cultivating special life-long relationships with clients and their families.

“Our approach has been successful even with the most leery of seniors,” says the company’s founder Alex Petukhov. “Working with a private, family owned company has many perks for our clients. Our communication is open, direct and productive, with no bureaucracy to get in the way of a solution.”

All caregivers are chosen carefully and are certified nursing assistants, supervised by registered nurses and thoroughly assessed by the company through background checks and references. Additionally, most have experience working in hospitals, assisted living group homes or skilled nursing facilities. As a private business, Best Senior Care avoids franchise fees, enabling the company to provide a premium service at much lower costs.

There are no standard plans or packages with Best Senior Care. Whether clients need daily living and companionship, meal planning, overseeing activities to minimize the risk of accidents, cleaning, bathing and grooming, shopping for groceries and much more, care is individually tailored to meet their specific needs. And if needed, help can be provided 24 hours a day.

“Our ultimate goal is for every client to be heard, understood and cared for with dignity and respect,” says Petukhov.

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