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For almost 20 years, Best Senior Care has provided home assistance services with a particular emphasis on clients’ safety. Preventing falls is a high priority. A simple misstep can lead to a broken hip, recovery from which can be devastating. It’s far less costly to get a few hours of preventative help early on rather than what might be round-the-clock care later.

“When helping seniors or their loved ones decide on the right time for assistance, we look for unsteadiness, dizziness and trouble standing smoothly from a seated position,” says company founder Alex Petukhov. Primary care doctors are a good place to start for assessing care needs. The Best Senior Care team recommends asking about low blood pressure or unstable sugar levels.

Best Senior Care also focuses on medication management and nutrition. Many elderly seniors are simply forgetful about their medicine. Caregivers or family members can look at pill bottles and compare the number of pills in the bottle with the fill date to see if they are being taken on schedule. Caregivers also shop and prepare meals, making sure to cook extra for leftovers that can be reheated easily.

Having caregivers in the home also solves the socialization deficit, from which many seniors suffer out of choice or circumstances. In order to make the lives of clients as fulfilling as possible, the company’s caregivers engage them one-on-one and encourage the participation in the community.

Petukov says, “We take great pride in our caregivers, who are thoroughly screened, trained, certified, insured, bonded, and, most importantly, compassionate and well spoken. Our ultimate goal is to make sure every client is heard, understood and cared for with dignity and respect.”

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