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Best Pet Boutique


Bone Jour boasts a variety of pet-related products—from rhinestone leashes to pet topiaries. But the homemade dog treats are perhaps the most popular, says owner Becky Pugh, 51, of Bethesda.


Chosen Best Pet Boutique last year as well, Bone Jour started 25 years ago with Pugh baking dog biscuits and organizing birthday bashes out of a Georgetown shop.


She added dog grooming and opened in Bethesda in 1990.


“We will do things for clients that big chains won’t do,” Pugh says of the grooming business. That includes customized doggie drop-off and pickup times and overnight boarding; in-home grooming for elderly animals will begin in the spring.


“This is not a side job,” Pugh says. “This is a passion.”

4927-A St. Elmo Ave., Bethesda, 301-656-2663,

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