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Best Neighborhood Market


“Tell us what you want, we’ll bring it in,” says Kevin Kirsch, 43, who owns and operates Chevy Chase Supermarket with his brother, Jason, 40. These days, they’re meeting a demand for organic, local, wheat-free and dairy-free, among other items.


Family owned and operated since 1958, Chevy Chase Supermarket includes an exceptional selection of flowers, wine and beer, amusements for children, freshly ground meats, as well as Redbox for movies and a pharmacy. The brothers took over after their father, Walter, died in 2009. And like their father, they treat customers as neighbors, even keeping the market running during last winter’s blizzard by sleeping in the store at night.


“We’re going with what [Dad] taught us,” Jason says. 


8531 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase, 301-656-5133,

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