Test of Time

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Barrie School

Roberto Vilarrubi, Dorothy Castelino & Hilary Green


13500 Layhill Road
Silver Spring 20906


Phone: 301-576-2800

Email: admission@barrie.org

Website: www.barrie.org

Founded in 1932, Barrie is one of the area’s oldest progressive schools. For over 85 years, Barrie has been transforming lives by teaching students to be intellectually curious, academically engaged and intrinsically motivated. Barrie uses the Montessori method in its toddler to fifth grade program and an innovative project-based curriculum for sixth to twelfth grade students.

  • In middle and high school, Mathematics Teacher Roberto Vilarrubi believes offering the right experiences followed by engaging questions is infinitely more effective than giving the answers. In his 18th year, Roberto has developed and taught courses from cryptology to problem-solving, to AP statistics and multivariable calculus. He is beloved by students.
  • Since 1988, Primary Teacher Dorothy Castelino has worn many hats as a parent, teacher, primary division leader, camp coordinator, and Institute instructor and consultant. She cherishes intellectual freedom and flexibility, thrives on meaningful engagement, and enters the classroom each day ready for new adventures.
  • The Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies was founded at Barrie in 1980 to train the next generation of Montessori teachers to become change-makers in the classroom. Current Director Hilary Green has been at Barrie for 20 years. She serves on the boards of both the Montessori Schools of Maryland and the American Montessori Society.

“As we approach our 90th year, we’re excited to inaugurate new programs, including a K-5 Maker-STEAM center and innovative science courses in physics and marine science,” says Jon Kidder, head of school. “As a school, we believe parents shouldn’t have to choose between a rigorous academic environment and one that instills a love of learning within a nurturing and caring atmosphere. All students need both to thrive.”

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