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One of the most important things a home care company can do is make great client-caregiver matches. Taking care of a person who rarely leaves home can be challenging, but our caregivers make it interesting by being good listeners. It was by listening to her client, Jean, that our caregiver Hawah learned the importance of a garden. Hawah planted both flowers and vegetables at Jean’s home. Together they enjoy arranging flowers, and Jean is eating fresh, organic tomatoes and green peppers that Hawah prepares.

“As a caregiver, I get to know my clients and hear about what they’ve enjoyed,” Hawah says. “Over the years I’ve learned to knit and crochet with clients. I also read books. I try to bring back memories and, when I do, it is so rewarding to watch their eyes light up! At Assisting Hands we all work hard to create these moments.”

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