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Arlet Koseian-Beckham

Founder & Owner, extend Yoga

12106 Wilkins Ave.



Running a business is stressful. Does yoga help?

Yes! Yoga teaches us to slow down, breathe and take care of ourselves, inside and out. For me, the practice of yoga is a way of life that fosters compassion, integrity and clarity. It empowers me to be more productive in all facets of my life: as an entrepreneur, employer, friend, wife and mother. I hope my son grows up understanding that tending to his heart is just as important to his health as eating right and exercising.

Too often, the daily grind takes its toll, and, unfortunately, our health is the first thing we “don’t have time for.” But when we commit to taking care of ourselves and being more mindful in our daily lives, stress levels often decrease, making life more manageable.

Yoga can be something different for everyone. And the beauty of yoga is it’s accessible to all ages, shapes and sizes. The first step can be hard, but well worth it and ultimately, transformative.

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