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What does Training Ground have to offer in personal training that my gym does not? 

Training Ground is a shared workspace for personal trainers who provide their clients with workouts using the world-class equipment we’ve invested in for our new, modern facility. This model elevates personal training businesses. Trainers can create more efficient, interesting workouts. Clients are free from gym memberships. Here, their trainers’ only focus is their clients’ well-being. Talented trainers who work for themselves inherently deliver higher quality services than trainers working for gyms. In addition to trainers, an impressive physical therapist is associated with Training Ground. Zachary Cohen is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who has a doctorate in physical therapy (DPT). Even with an injury or limiting condition, we make sure you can stay fit. With pride in our facility, we offer free consultations to anyone who wants to explore Training Ground, and we recommend trainers to anyone who does not have one.

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