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Home Sweet Yoga


How has your interest in yoga evolved?

I discovered yoga in college, right when I needed it most. It was a personal moment in my life and it provided me a positive focus and outlet. After discovering the peace of mind and sense of calm that the practice of yoga provides, I immediately fell in love. Yoga has impacted my life in such a positive way that I wanted to share that experience.

Through personalized coaching, everyone can benefit from the positive effect yoga has on the body and the mind. After spending some time in the industry, I realized two things. First, there’s an intimidation that can come with going to a class full of people with varying skill levels. Second, a lack of convenience depending on lifestyle and location can be a barrier. I wanted to slow down the constant on-the-go, busy lifestyle with a break in people’s day at the place they are most comfortable: at home. That’s how Home Sweet Yoga was born.

What makes your client experience different?

I always ask each of my students what they want out of yoga. Individual needs vary. My coaching plan is tailored to meet their personal goals. One person may be in search of a more meditative approach while another may be aiming to get more flexible. Everyone is a unique individual and yoga offers the opportunity for anyone to feel healthier, happier and stronger. Home Sweet Yoga gives clients the opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction in the comfort of their own home. Private yoga allows for the exploration of various poses, modifications, challenges and styles. Whether someone wants to learn the ropes, advance to the next level or tailor yoga to specific needs, home-based yoga is the answer.

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