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Advanced Nursing & Home Support

Samuel R. Lish, President & CEO

15800 Crabbs Branch Way, Suite 205

Rockville, MD



“I know firsthand how stressful and frustrating it can be to navigate home health care for a loved one,” says Lish, “and I know that Advanced is truly a committed partner in home care. It isn’t just a business – it’s personal. And there’s no place safer than being at home.”

A leader in the home health care industry, Samuel Lish founded Advanced Nursing + Home Support over 25 years ago when his father needed home care services. Later, when his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he knew who to turn to for help: the team of care providers that he and his company had personally screened, hired and trained.

His goal was to create a company that provides expert care and exceptional service at every level, providing dignity to those in need of care. Given the reason he started this company, Lish has a deep connection between his work and personal life.

To prepare for the future, Advanced has grown to provide services through the entire continuum of care, from companion and respite care to skilled care with specialties in ALS, MS, Parkinson’s and memory care. Advanced Nursing + Home Support is able to handle every client’s care needs and is able to continue to be there when needs change.

Advanced Nursing + Home Support provides expert care and an extraordinary experience to every client. By engaging the highest quality health care professionals, and by providing exceptional service at every level, they have earned a reputation as a trusted local leader in the industry and are the only local winner of the Best of Home Care’s Leader in Excellence award for 2020.

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