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Adam R. Polsky

Peak Settlements, LLC

600 Jefferson Plaza, Suite 420



Direct: 301-512-7744

Where is the strangest place you have conducted a settlement?
Most people think that settlements have to take place in a lawyer’s office, but that’s not always the case. Many people choose to use our services for purchases and refinances because we can close almost anywhere. From a real estate agent’s or the lender’s office for purchases, to customer homes and fast food restaurants for refinances – we have seen it all.

The strangest place? The back seat of Lincoln Continental. The customer was injured and couldn’t get out of the car, so we did the next best thing – we brought the settlement to her! You have the right to choose your own settlement company and can choose the one that can best suits your needs.

Peak Settlements is a team of attorneys and settlement professionals that have been providing exceptional service to its clients since 2006. Thousands of settlements later, they’re proud to offer services throughout Maryland, Virginia and DC.

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