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Aaron M. Blank, Esq.; Sarah D. Cline, Esq.; and Joy C. Einstein, Esq.

Shulman Rogers

12505 Park Potomac Ave., 6th Floor

Potomac, MD





Aaron Blank, Sarah Cline and Joy Einstein efficiently resolve legal problems for their clients. As a testament to their success, the three were recently promoted to shareholders of the Potomac-based law firm Shulman Rogers.

“At Shulman Rogers, I am encouraged to treat each transaction holistically and advise clients on every aspect of the deal, applying my industry expertise where it matters most,” says real estate attorney Cline.

Employment law attorney Einstein echoed similar sentiments. “I have wonderful mentors at Shulman Rogers who taught me how to listen to clients, understand their concerns and address their needs. That hands-on guidance now helps me provide comprehensive service to my clients.”

“As an associate, I was encouraged to provide my insights and frequently appeared in court. That access to training accelerated my career and honed my skills, which I now use to fight for clients,” says Blank, medical malpractice attorney.

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