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What are the benefits of home personal training?

After a long, demanding day at work, dragging ourselves to the gym can seem like a chore. In addition to the physical health benefits, research continues to reveal a direct correlation between exercise and better mental health. The GYMGUYZ system allows us to help our clients work toward their fitness and health goals by delivering convenient, customized and creative workouts.

Equipped with a van full of state-of-the-art exercise tools—over 360 pieces of equipment that range from dumbbells and kettlebells, to body bars, boxing gear, resistance bands, stability balls and much more—our certified personal trainers meet clients at their preferred location and deliver workouts. Our personalized workout plans cater to individuals’ specific needs, abilities and desired results. And through creativity and variety, we ensure that each day is as fun as it is productive. Finding the time, energy and motivation to exercise can be overwhelming; we’re here to guide clients to living a happier and healthier life.

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