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A.B.E. Networks

Avi Benaim, Founder and Managing Director

12250 Wilkins Ave.

Rockville, MD





A.B.E. Networks is the Washington DC metro area’s premier custom residential and commercial technology design and integration firm. Our award-winning organization utilizes enterprise-grade products fused with your home’s décor resulting in a top tier personalized experience.

Q: Which of your offerings do your clients enjoy the most?

A: Our clients consistently rave about the automation of their systems where a single button press or simple spoken phrase can activate many actions at once. Motorized window treatments, lighting control, music, and more can be coordinated to create scenes within the home. Wake up to a Good Morning scene instead of the blaring sound of an alarm clock. Set to a weekday timer, the shades slowly rise letting in the natural light, your favorite tunes begin to play softly, and the lights to the master bath illuminate your path.

Q: What are the most recent advancements in home technology?

A: Whether it’s for entertainment, work, school, or social media, the demand on our wireless networks is greater than ever. Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, is loaded with new technologies to create a generational shift in how your network performs.

With significant advancements in solar panel and battery efficiencies, like Sonnen’s Ecolinx, homeowners can completely power their homes and, in some cases, sell energy back to the grid.

Dolby Atmos revolutionizes the concept of surround sound. With the introduction of height channel speakers, it’s the most immersive 3D listening environment ever.

As with any advancement in home technology, infrastructure is the most critical component of any smart home. Having the proper wiring in place, whether it be new construction or retrofit, allows for the incorporation of any existing technology as well as futureproofing for emerging technologies. To learn more, just ask us!

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