The peach guy

With 7,000 fruit trees and his ‘pet’ cows, Gene Kingsbury keeps busy running the Dickerson farm that’s been in his family for five generations

‘She’s still my mom’

Two years ago, Holly Gross was diagnosed with ALS, a disease she calls ‘a monster with no mercy.’ As her husband struggles with Parkinson’s, it’s her sons who mostly take care of her. She can’t use her voice, but she talks to them. She can’t move, but she keeps them on track. All they want now is more time with her.

A tale of two weddings

Sisters who grew up in Bethesda altered their plans when the pandemic hit, getting married on the same weekend in their parents’ backyard

The send-off

Over the years, Bethesda-area high schools have brought in big names for graduation. Some of the speeches are more memorable than others.


Steve Parker taught tennis in the Bethesda area for more than three decades. When he suffered a stroke in April 2020, players stepped up to help him—and they haven’t stopped.

New beginnings

Ten Bethesda-area restaurants that opened during the pandemic signal hope for better days—and nights—to come