Based in Bethesda

61 employees in the Bethesda area


Why It’s Great to Work Here: “Hatcher has expanded tremendously but still maintains a sense of community that you often find within startup-level companies. Employees have the freedom to explore new opportunities and challenges that inspire growth while having an entire team behind them.” —Imani Goodall, digital marketing associate

Cool Perks:
Summerlong half-day Fridays … Flexible working environments (on-site, remote or hybrid).

Work-Life Balance: “Leadership goes above and beyond to make sure that you aren’t overwhelmed.” —Goodall


Mental Health: “The wellness room at our new office sets Hatcher apart. If you’re having a tough day personally or need a moment to meditate before a client presentation, we have a private, comfortable place to relax.” —Goodall

Office Layout: “Our new space, right near the Bethesda Metro station, is bright, open and functional. There’s a nice mix of private offices that we can reserve for the day, several different conference rooms to choose from, lounge areas, and a range of open-concept desk options. We are high up enough on the 10th floor that from certain spots you can see both the Latter-day Saints temple and the National Cathedral.” —Michael Mershon, senior vice president

Office Culture: The company hosts lots of virtual lunches and happy hours. Leadership carves out time for everyone to get to know each other better.


The Last Word: “Employees value our open lines of communication, knowing they can express themselves and ask for help when needed. It’s a nurturing environment.” —Goodall 

Correction: This story was updated Oct. 25, 2022, to correct the number of company employees.