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When Stein Sperling founding partners Paul Stein, Don Sperling and Millard Bennett opened a law firm 43 years ago, they could have never predicted a global pandemic, but the connection and confidence at the cornerstone of Stein Sperling’s culture allowed the firm to acclimate to these unique challenges.

Starting in 1978 with just four attorneys plus three staff, the firm has grown to 53 attorneys, 79 additional staff and five offices serving clients in the metropolitan Washington area and beyond.

Adaptation to change is a core attribute of a strong and growing business. Some changes can be anticipated and strategically planned for, while others, like those brought on by COVID-19, happen by necessity. The ability to adapt and to acclimate to both is what has allowed the firm to continue to succeed, grow and support our clients.

“We recognize that our clients need us now more than ever,” says Managing Partner Jeff Schwaber. “I take great pride in the way our team has worked together to maintain a client-centered focus as COVID-19 has brought forth many challenges for our clients.”


Stein Sperling’s ability to pivot to a combination of remote work and new headquarters has permitted us to continue to serve our clients without interruption. With fully versatile remote capabilities, we have been able to maintain a safe office for required in-person meetings. Our courtroom team has developed expertise in remote courtroom technology while adjusting to new setups in live courtrooms.

Headquartered in Rockville, Stein Sperling’s areas of practice include business, commercial litigation, construction, tax, family law, estates, trusts & probate, employment law, real estate, personal injury and criminal defense.