From Left: Tyler Abrams, Ray Sobrino, Phil Leibovitz, Mimi Brodsky Kress, Brian Abramson, Tom Bennett

4705 West Virginia Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: 301-913-5995

“At Sandy Spring Builders, we’re very proud of our 40-year history in the area,” says CEO Phil Leibovitz. “We’ve proven one thing that is very hard to show in the building business – longevity. There are only a handful of true custom builders who are still in business in the area as long as us.”

Phil and his partner Mimi Brodsky Kress have successfully built the company through hard work, a talented team, a wonderful portfolio of homes and dedication to the customer experience.

“Almost 40 years later, our full-service team still loves what we do, and I believe it shows in our homes,” says Leibovitz. “We’re often told you can tell when you drive by one of our houses because of its beauty, proportion and quality. We build homes for friends, and many of our clients become friends — that’s because we take so much pride in their homes.”

Sandy Spring Builders is the most experienced builder in the area, not only in construction, but also finding and developing land, and working within clients’ budgets. “Our data bank of information from years of being in the building business cannot be replaced or duplicated,” says Leibovitz.

Their vast portfolio of projects and happy clients who love their homes, tell the story of why Sandy Spring Builders is considered the area’s premier custom homebuilder. Sandy Spring Builders is also an active participant in the community, giving back in many ways to numerous non-profits. “Our homes and reputation are built to last,” says Leibovitz.