Mehdy Rad, DMD, MS and David Rad, DMD, MS

7201 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 500
Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: 301-656-1600

Q: What is unique about your practice?

A: Dr. Mehdy: Our team! We have some of the most dedicated, trained, and caring team members available; many of our patients keep in touch with them long after their treatment has been completed. We are also a Diamond+ Top one percent Invisalign provider and have always embraced technology to provide outstanding outcomes most efficiently and comfortably for our patients.  

Dr. Dave:  I believe our ability to treat even the most complex cases in less time without sacrificing quality or results is what sets us apart. We’ve always stayed ahead of the curve in technology, and our status in the top tier of Invisalign providers positions us among the most experienced providers nationwide. 

Q: How would your patients describe you? 

A: Dr. Dave: I hope they see me as a doctor who genuinely cares for everyone around me; my team, my patients and this community. The longer I have been in practice, the more I’ve realized how important it is to actively participate in the community and the lives of those around you.  

Dr. Mehdy: Hopefully, they would say I’m funny! I’m also someone who spends time with patients, discussing all their options so they can make the most informed decisions regarding their treatment. 

Q: What is one thing your patients should know about you?  

A: Dr. Mehdy: I have been kiteboarding for over 20 years; I also race mountain bikes and have played guitar in several bands.  

Dr. Dave: My birthday is May 11, and I love cookies! I also paddle board and mountain bike. 

Additional locations in North Bethesda, Potomac and College Park