Gail Linn, AuD, CCC-A; Tricia Terlep, AuD

11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 105
Rockville, MD 20852

Phone: 240-477-1010

A highly respected leader in audiology, Dr. Gail Linn not only built a renowned clinic, but is also a speaker, former Director of Private Practice and Industry at the American Speech Language Hearing Association, and Treasurer of the Maryland Academy of Audiology.

A third-generation Washingtonian whose grandfather was second leader of the U.S. Marine Corps Band. Dr. Linn grew up in Beltsville and went to High Point High School. She leads four other top audiologists in her busy practice in Rockville and recently added office space for one of the most highly qualified and experienced teams in audiology. Carrying the latest in hearing aid and other device technology, Potomac Audiology can help with all aspects of hearing problems in patients of all ages.

One of the reasons they work so well with families is because they are one. Dr. Linn and Dr. Tricia Terlep are mother and daughter, and Dr. Terlep’s husband, Vince, is Director of Operations.

“People are often in denial about hearing loss, and we like educating them, and helping them discover what it’s like to hear again,” says Dr. Linn. “We’re not just selling hearing aids—we’re helping people hear again and that’s amazing. It can have a huge impact on someone’s quality of life and we see that every day.”

The practice offers thorough hearing evaluations, state-of-the-art hearing systems and unhurried, personalized care. Specialty care includes custom-made hearing protection for hunters, people who work in noisy environments, and in-the-ear monitors for musicians. Custom-made swim molds help children and adults prevent ear infections by keeping water from entering the ear canal.

“We can help anyone with hearing issues with the technology and tools we have available today,” said Dr. Linn.