8821 River Road
Bethesda, MD 20817

Website: https://www.norwoodschool.org
Email: info@norwoodschool.org
Phone: 301-365-2595

Norwood School was founded in 1952 by Frances Marsh, who was determined to create a “happy place of learning filled with art and music, where each child feels supported and valued.” She wanted it to be a school to which children looked forward to returning each morning. “Today, nearly seven decades later, Norwood is still that kind of school,” says Head of School Matthew Gould.

During the most critical years of intellectual, social and emotional development, Norwood provides a loving, nurturing, inclusive, supportive and family like environment where students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade feel safe taking risks, exploring new activities and challenging themselves. The curriculum is designed to be challenging for every student, while providing numerous routes to success and nurturing a love for learning along the way.

With a child-centered approach to teaching and learning and a low 6-1 student-teacher ratio, Norwood teachers take the time to understand what each child needs to grow, to be challenged, and to feel successful and respected.

“Your child will be known, and not just by their teacher, but by a whole community of adults who look out for and support each and every Norwood student,” says Gould.

The Norwood community lives by the motto, “How you lead your life matters.” Character education and service learning have always been integral to Norwood’s curriculum.

“At the end of their Norwood journeys, our graduates are equipped with the curiosity and confidence, the initiative and drive, and the knowledge, imagination and leadership skills they will need to achieve success and to make positive contributions to our world,” says Gould.