Amy P. Barrer, DDS and Naveen Kwatra, DDS

806 W Diamond Ave., Suite 250
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Phone: 301-977-2200

Q: Why do patients and parents love MVPsmiles so much?

A: We believe our success and longevity stems from the “Family First” philosophy that guides everything we do. We work together as one big family; patients, parents and our team. We are focused on building lasting relationships with our patients built on trust — we consider ourselves old school in that regard — and love watching our families grow up right in front of our eyes.

Q: What makes MVPsmiles unique?

A: We are a team of specialists conveniently providing comprehensive pediatric dentistry and orthodontics in one office. We monitor growth and development and maintain the health of the teeth; by working together under the same roof, we ensure that our patients have the healthiest, most beautiful smiles everyone can be proud of. We also offer orthodontic treatment for adults, so many of our parents are getting smile makeovers with their kids! Additionally, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials and the latest tools and technologies because that is what we would want for our families, too.

Q: What is the MVPsmiles Rewards Hub?

A: Education is one of our core values, and it doesn’t stop with the doctors’ continuing education. We teach children and parents

how to best take care of their oral health, leading with prevention. Our amazing rewards system motivates patients to achieve better dental health (No Cavity Club) and be great students and role models (good grades and community service rewards). We also run many contests and games throughout the year and have an amazing referral program. There are rewards for the entire family