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Lerch Early’s family law and estates and trusts attorneys stand beside individuals and families throughout all life’s transitions. Our experienced family law attorneys help people navigate separation and divorce issues with the least possible impact on their lives and wallets. We serve as skilled negotiators and forceful advocates for our clients and their children’s best interests. We also have attorney mediators who act as neutrals in helping clients achieve negotiated resolutions to divorce-related issues. Our estate and trust attorneys protect assets while minimizing tax liability through sophisticated planning and administration, and resolve inheritance disputes. We are hands-on, technologically capable and fully involved in every step of the process.

Q: What should I expect from my divorce attorney?

A: If you are going through or are contemplating a separation or divorce, you need information and a plan. When working with us, you always know exactly where things stand in your case. Lerch Early clients also benefit from the experience of a boutique family law shop backed by the knowledge and support of a full-service law firm. When a matter involves complex real estate, business, tax, employment, estate or criminal defense issues, our clients benefit from close collaboration between our divorce attorneys and their colleagues in the firm’s other practice areas.

Q: Do I need to consult an estate attorney during a divorce? If so, when?

A: Yes. There are two main times when an estates attorney can really help. The first is at the beginning of the process – to revise or revoke estate planning documents empowering your soon-to-be-ex to make important decisions on your behalf. After the divorce, it’s a good idea to have your current estate planning documents reviewed to see what implications your divorce has on those documents and to bring them current with your new life plan.