Jerry Weed, CKD; Jordan Weed, CKBD; Karen Hourigan, CKD; Peggy Jaeger, CKD; Nancy Kotarski, NCIDQ; and Sheri Brown

7001 Wisconsin Ave.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Q: Do you have a certain look you go for when designing?

A: Not really. We create designs that our clients desire, and that also have careful functionality that our clients will appreciate. There are always two parts to designing a kitchen. First is color, style and other visuals. The other is functionality of the space with the appliances and the client’s specific needs. There’s always a moment when you solve the puzzle and are able to put these two halves together.

We have a lot of letters from clients thanking us for creative designs, attention to detail and fair business practices. People often praise the beauty and design of our work. They talk about how much they enjoy being in their kitchens and how often their friends compliment the renovated space.

Q: How does one go about choosing a great but also creative and economical kitchen and bath designer?

A: Talk to people. We get over 85% of our business from referrals. Many clients refer friends and relatives. Within the industry, there is positive word of mouth from architects, designers and contractors who have seen that we do a really great job.

Also, it helps if you think outside the box, which we’re good at doing. We had a client who needed a second dishwasher in order to keep kosher. She also wanted to expand her laundry room and was looking at an expensive addition. We came up with a plan to convert a seldom-used side door into a window, which eliminated the need for a four x 10-foot hallway, opening up space in both the kitchen and laundry room. Our design solution was a fraction of the cost of the proposed addition.


Eco-friendly cabinet lines: Christiana, Crystal, Signature and Executive