Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry

8401 Connecticut Ave., Suite 650
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Phone: 301-272-1246

Q: What is unique about your practice?

A: Our entire office was specifically designed to build the most comfortable, fun atmosphere to meet our young patients’ needs. Our space is alive with colors and toys, and even a separate nook just for kids. Our interactive-wall toys, costume sunglasses and movies help our littles gain confidence that they are involved in the entire experience — we understand good vibes! We encourage our patients to touch, feel and engage with us, making their dental experience comfortable for even the most nervous kiddos. Come experience the magic of Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry, where we “tickle teeth,” use “power washes,” spit into “magic straws,” make silly faces and wear fun masks. Our enthusiasm to share this experience with our families cannot be curbed!

Q: What is one thing your patients should know about your practice?

A: Systemic health is a continuum of oral health, and we implement research-supported dentistry, providing conservative and predictable outcomes. Our advanced cavity management includes SDF/SMART therapies, the Hall Technique, White Zirconia Crowns and Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair and patients with MTHFR gene mutation, in which traditional treatment approaches are modified, making it critical to understand non-invasive treatment alternatives. Tethered tissues and feeding/airway management are essential to your child’s health. I collaborate with myofunctional and feeding therapists to provide laser releases and maintain airway-centric philosophies to guide proper development.

We care for each patient as though they are family. Our core philosophy centers on considering your child’s unique needs. We welcome you to pop in for a visit soon!