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Q: What advice would you offer women getting started in the legal profession?

A: If you stay focused on your goals, push your limits, and allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. You can become a successful lawyer without having to sacrifice other aspects of your life, despite the universal notion to the contrary. You can be a full-time professional, spouse, partner, mother, daughter, classroom parent, youth sports team manager and volunteer — being successful in each role and balancing life is what empowers us to be our best. The key is to surround yourself with like-minded people who are supportive and driven by the same goals. As a law firm of all women, we take great pride in the many hats we wear while producing top-quality work and remaining competitive with the country’s best law firms.

Q: What does being a successful attorney mean to you?

A: Success does not bring happiness; happiness and loving what you do brings success. The best lawyers are those that listen, adapt, empathize, think creatively and explore new strategies. They negotiate with mindfulness, listening to the rationale of opposing counsel and understanding the “why” behind the ask, working together to create a solution that works for everyone. Skills and legal knowledge aside, the most successful lawyers understand the practical side of a transaction and collaborate with their clients to strategically assess the business and legal risks without over-lawyering