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A principal in JGL’s Family Law practice, Anne Grover is a skilled negotiator and litigator, with deep knowledge of financial and tax issues. Clients rely on her for compassionate and aggressive representation in separation and divorce, child custody disputes, contempt and enforcement proceedings, drafting and negotiating prenuptial agreements and obtaining protective orders.

Q: What issues does a divorce involve?

A: Divorce cases can involve a panoply of issues, including the grounds for divorce (what gets you in the courthouse doors), custody of your children, decision making for children, identification and valuation of marital property, alimony, child support and attorney fees and costs. Numerous sub-issues can crop up involving tax matters, dissipation (waste) of marital assets, valuation of a business, earning capacity and retirement benefits.

It’s essential that you engage an attorney who will talk you through these complex topics, convey a range of results the court could order and guide you through the process.

Q: How much is this divorce going to cost?

A: Cost of a divorce case is a very common question. The unfortunate reality is that family law attorneys are unable to predict this with any real precision. Cost is directly tied to the amount of time put into a case, whether drafting pleadings, conducting discovery or going to trial. Family law attorneys cannot take cases on a contingent fee basis (where the attorney gets paid a set percentage of what the party obtains). Thus, a lot depends on how complex and how contested the case. If the other party is uncooperative in providing information, files a bevy of motions or engages in scorched earth tactics, costs can climb quickly and substantially.

As a client, you should be aware of the range of results you are likely to get from a court so that you can do a cost-benefit analysis and really gauge any risk/exposure you have.