Gary Altman, Esq.

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Altman & Associates has been helping individuals, families and businesses in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia navigate the full spectrum of estate law matters for more than 25 years. Estate planning involves deeply personal and sensitive matters around life and legacy. It requires frank conversations about finances, health, familial relationships and more. Navigating these discussions (and the subsequent decisions that follow) requires more than just a mastery of the law; it requires trust. “Earning our clients’ trust is our top priority and a value that has been essential to our firm’s success and longevity,” says Founder and Principal Attorney Gary Altman. “We work hard to earn our clients’ trust by ensuring they feel heard, understood and respected from their very first encounter with us. Our team understands that no two clients are alike. We craft personalized legal solutions that are unique to your values, goals and life circumstances.”

Altman & Associates’ commitment to client service and legal excellence has been acknowledged by peers and organizations in the financial and estate planning community many times over the years. While Altman says he and his team appreciate the accolades, “Nothing is more rewarding or validating than having a client entrust us with a family member or friend. We often have the honor of working with several generations within a family.” Altman says that each of the firm’s 10 team members share a similar goal: “We want to do such an outstanding job that every client becomes a client for life.”