Kim Calavas, Vice President, Sales

ABW Appliances North Bethesda Showroom
5526 Nicholson Lane
North Bethesda, MD 20852
301- 770-8579

Q: What is the one thing that your clients should know about you?  

A: That I am always looking forward, researching and networking to determine what is next for our industry and anticipating the needs of our employees and our clients. I believe our infrastructure is key and that quality always trump quantity, but if we are consistently meeting our rigorous quality requirements, we should continue to expand to share that with as many people as we can successfully help. Appliances aren’t optional, so they should be selected to bring joy!

Q: What’s an example of something in your professional life that you’re particularly proud of?

A: I am incredibly proud of our builder development group, or BDG, which is a team of individuals solely dedicated to growing and evolving our builder segment. This team consists of outside sales professionals and project managers who work hand in hand to ensure quality, consistency, and loyalty to our top trade accounts. This group was just me five years ago and is now 13 people and will ship around $20 million this fiscal year.  

OK, I can’t stop at just one — our retail segment is also on fire! We had one not quite up-to-par showroom when I started here. We now have six showrooms, all of them beautiful, light-filled, experiential and amazing! Our team spends hundreds of hours per year training and we are now able to travel to factory trainings again. We have folks in every single showroom who blow my socks off with their knowledge and expertise.

Kim’s Favorite Charities:

Kelly’s Cookie Challenge, a baking competition hosted by ABW benefitting charity 

Home Aid, supporting people experiencing or at risk of homelessness — Kim has served on the Gala planning committee for 13 years

Race for Every Child, benefitting Children’s National Hospital