Avi Benaim, Founder and Managing Director

12250 Wilkins Ave.
Rockville, MD 20852

Q: Which of your offerings have you recently seen a growth in popularity?

A: We have seen considerable growth in everything relating to outdoor living. Homeowners in this area are looking to maximize every square foot of their property, including the spaces around it. 

The foundation of outdoor living technology is landscape lighting. Lighting accentuates architectural features of the homes and hardscapes while safely illuminating paths and entertainment areas around the property.

Weatherproof landscape audio systems match the subtle aesthetic of the lighting while providing a relaxing ambiance to the pool and firepit. Speakers disperse the sound directionally to keep the enjoyment inside the yard without disturbing the neighbors.  

Advancements in screen technology allow clients to have a TV anywhere, even in direct sunlight. Samsung and Seura offer weather-rated 4K TVs to take in a movie while staying outside.

As working from home became commonplace, we prioritized robust Wi-Fi networks inside and out. A fast connection with full coverage outside creates a relaxing workstation with a gorgeous background for video calls.

Q: What is the greatest piece of advice you would give to someone starting a large home project?

A: We strongly believe in connecting with all tradespeople during the design phase. Opening the communication lines early often prevents future complications and improves the result. Due to the variety of our offerings, we have become increasingly focused on getting involved as early as possible to design systems in concert with the client, builder, interior designers, architects and other trades. To learn more, just ask!

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