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Science Writer/Editor

UMCES - Center for Environmental Science

Date posted: 03-28-19

Position Summary/Purpose of Position:

The Science Writer/Editor will work to explain and share findings from scientists, extension agents, and other sources to help advance public understanding and management of Maryland’s natural resources. The successful finalist will join MDSG’s communications staff of 3‐4 professionals and university students who produce print, videos, and web‐based content for the general public and specialized audiences on topics such as ecosystem dynamics, pollution reduction, aquaculture, fisheries management, and climate-change adaptation. Our publications include an award‐winning print magazine, Chesapeake Quarterly (; science blogs; technical syntheses; highly regarded documentaries; and an extensive online and social media presence.

Foremost, the successful finalist will have published clear and well‐crafted writing, explained complex scientific findings accurately and engagingly for non-scientists, and shown skill at interacting with and gathering information from a variety of people, including scientists, policy makers, industry, and ordinary citizens. Interest in video, podcasts, and other media encouraged.

Specific duties of this position include writing narrative science stories for our various publications, editing text, posting to social media, and contributing ideas for graphics and publication design. The writer will write, edit and/or improve technical content prepared by others for the program’s publications. Products could include fact sheets, grant proposals, web content, program reporting to NOAA, workshop or meeting materials, and the program’s annual report. In addition, the candidate will spend 20% of his or her time creating communications products describing the outreach projects of MDSG’s extension specialists within the University of Maryland Extension program.

Minimum Qualifications:

The position requires at least a bachelor’s degree (science preferred).


We prefer candidates who can demonstrate at least two years’ experience writing about science or the environment through their portfolio. We encourage applicants who have a demonstrated deep interest in science, have completed course work in science writing, and who have demonstrated an interest in narrative journalism.

Additional Certifications:

You must complete the online application form and upload a cover letter, resume, and a portfolio of up to five articles that have appeared in print or online. Non-print media products (e.g. videos, podcasts) can also be submitted along with the writing samples. If you reference an online portfolio, your portfolio upload document should point us to specific articles. Your cover letter should articulate how your skills and experience will advance the Maryland Sea Grant communication efforts.

Additional Information:

The salary is commensurate with experience and is expected in the range of $55-60K.

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