Group Fitness Instructor

Sarge Fitness Boot Camp

Date posted: 03-07-19


Trainers need to be outgoing, positive and knowledgeable about fitness and the how the body works.  Our trainers need to be loyal to their client’s and treat them like family. Our classes are typically small, outdoors and early in the morning.


What we need our trainers to be:

#1 Fitness professionals. A fitness professional not only know the difference between a bicep and triceps but also knows the benefits of HIIT, super slow, fartleks, training variables, good form and how to motivated people to push through their limitations and reach for goals they did not think were possible.  Finally, Sarge Fitness professionals are eager to explain proper form and enforce the practice of conducting every rep as strict as possible to help avoid injury and ineffectiveness.

#2 Extroverts/ Company Representatives. Sarge employs trainers who are outgoing and eager to share the results their clients achieve.  Sarge trainers do not show up to get paid.  They show up to teach, to motivate and to promote themselves and the benefits the Sarge program provides.

#3 Lead by Example.  Sarge Trainers are leaders, during class and afterwards as well.  Our trainers understand that clients follow their trainers lead.  If you enter a race, they will enter a race.  If you perform an exercise correctly, they will try their best to do the same.  If you support a Sarge company event, they will as well.  If you post on social media, they will comment and post back.

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