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Government Records Supervisor

Montgomery County Department of General Services

Date posted: 04-08-19

This position is open only to:

(1) Current Montgomery County Government employees;
(2) Montgomery County employees who were affected by reduction-in-force and currently have RIF priority rights;
(3) Active Montgomery County local fire and rescue department volunteers with at least 50 points under the length of service award program; or 
(4) Active Customized Employment Public Interns, QUEST Interns, Project SEARCH Interns or former Customized Employment Public Interns, QUEST Interns, or Project SEARCH Interns within 24 months of completion of internship.
The Department of General Services, Central Duplicating program , seeks a highly skilled and experienced individual to directly supervise the day-to-day operations and staff in the County Records Center.
The Department of General Services, Central Duplicating, Imaging, Archiving and Mail Services Program, provides document management through: high-speed photocopying and color copying services; desktop and electronic publishing; bindery; digital imaging; the electronic and physical archiving of County records; as well as U.S. Postal Service and inter-office mail delivery to/from County agencies.
The Montgomery County Records Center is a secure facility capable of storing over 40,000 boxes of inactive and permanent records. These records must be retained for audits, legal requirements, fiscal purposes, and administrative requirements. Each year the Records Center takes in over 3,600 boxes of records for short- and long-term storage. In addition, the imaging and scanning production center of our Electronic Records Management System is located adjacent to the Records Center where paper records are converted to electronic records and currently stores over 60 million additional documents.
Examples of duties will include but not be limited to the following:
  • Supervising all staff at the County Records Center;
  • Performing administrative work planning, designing, structuring, implementing and controlling day-to-day operations of the County's Records Center that involves shredding, receiving, inventorying, storing, safekeeping, referencing, retrieving, and disposing of all records entrusted to the Records Center;
  • Preparing statistical, quarterly and analytical reports required for inventory and location, records retention, certification for destruction, department/agency referencing and cataloging;
  • Preparing schedules for records retention and destruction;
  • Coordinating with department/agency Records Coordinators to determine proper disposition of active, inactive and permanent records located in all County departments/agencies;
  • Oversight and management of all imaging equipment and software, including Zyimage, Webclient, Zysio, Kofax and ERMS; and,
  • As a supervisor of unionized employees, this position has a responsibility for fostering a positive labor relations environment based on mutual trust, respect, and cooperation.
The Records Center is unventilated; it is not climate-controlled, which results in some discomfort due to exposure from dust from paper shredding operations and extreme temperatures during winter and summer months. This position is exposed to traffic hazards when performing street-side loading and unloading trucks. Required protective clothing includes steel-toed shoes/boots, weight/back belts, and protective masks. Work requires this position to occasionally lift boxes of records weighing twenty-five (25) to fifty (50) pounds and very frequent use of ladders and stands to reach records stored on upper shelves of the warehouse. As required, this position uses mobile stock pickers, pallet jacks, and hand carts.
This position may be required to work nights and weekends.

Additional Employment Information

OHR reviews the minimum qualifications of all applicants, irrespective of whether the candidate has previously been found to have met the minimum requirements for the job or been temporarily promoted to the same position. This evaluation is based solely on the information contained in the application/resume submitted for this specific position/IRC.

Montgomery County Government also provides hiring preference to certain categories of veterans and veterans/persons with a disability. For more information and to claim employment preference, please refer to the Careers webpage on Hiring Preference .
All applicants will respond to a series of questions related to their education, relevant experience, knowledge, skills and abilities required to minimally perform the job. The applicant's responses in conjunction with his/her resume and all other information provided in the employment application process will be evaluated to determine the minimum qualification and preferred criteria status. Based on the results, the highest qualified applicants will be placed on an Eligible List and may be considered for an interview. Employees meeting minimum qualifications who are the same grade will be placed on Eligible List as a "Lateral Transfer" candidate and may be considered for interview .
If selected for consideration for this position, you may be required to provide evidence that you possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities indicated on your resume.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience : Four (4) years of clerical/office support experience, one (1) year of which must have been working in the area of records management, e.g., files/records reference, retrieval and retention schedule maintenance.
Education : Graduation from high school or possession of a High School Certificate of completion recognized in the State of Maryland.
Equivalency : An equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted.
Physical Ability : Ability to perform recurring and independent lifting, pushing and pulling of cartons weighing twenty-five (25) to fifty (50) pounds.
Medical & Background : Selected candidate will be required to successfully complete a physical, drug and alcohol screen and background investigation prior to appointment.

Preferred Criteria

The applications of those individuals meeting the minimum qualifications will be reviewed to determine the extent, relevancy of training, and experience in the following areas:
  • Record imaging quality control;
  • Operating and maintaining document imaging equipment;
  • Document imaging and archiving software;
  • Microsoft Office Suite; and,
  • Archiving/imaging and tracking documents.
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