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Data Analytics Intern

Goodwill Industries International

Date posted: 02-24-19

Job description

TITLE: Data Analytics Intern

RESPONSIBLE TO: Jessica Bunting, Business Analytics Project Manager

DIVISION/DEPART: Data Analytics Initiative


LENGTH OF INTERNSHIP: May 28, 2019 to August 2, 2019
LOCATION: Rockville, Maryland
SALARY/PAY: $1,200 ($15.00 per hour) paid bi-weekly
EDUCATION: Undergraduate or Graduate Student; with majors focusing on business management or marketing, communication, information technology, computer science, policy, or social enterprise.

Organization Information

Goodwill Industries International, Inc. is an internationally recognized leading social enterprise of 160+ independent, community-based agencies in the United States and Canada as well as 14 affiliate members in 13 other countries. Founded in Boston in 1902, Goodwill Industries® first put people to work by hiring them to repair and sell donated goods. Today, Goodwill® trains people for careers in fields such as financial services, computer programming, manufacturing and emerging industries, including technology and health care. The organization does that by selling donated goods in stores and online at and using the revenues to fund job training programs, employment placement services and other community-based programs, such as financial education and youth mentoring, that benefit three million people each year. Goodwill also builds revenue and creates jobs by working with businesses and government to provide a wide range of commercial services including packing and assembly, food service preparation, document imaging and shredding, grounds keeping and administrative support. The organization earns 98 percent of its revenues through its various business lines, and channels 84 percent of its revenues directly into its services.

Project Information

For years, local Goodwill member organizations have voiced concerns regarding the lag-time of receiving annual and monthly statistical reports, lack of predictive analytics, and varied levels of data management maturity across the membership. In response to this feedback, GII has initiated an effort to improve the quality, availability, and use of data across the Goodwill network, known as the Data Analytics Initiative.

The initiative is an enterprise wide strategic effort to provide Goodwill members with a national data platform that can be transformed into actionable insights in order to strengthen bottom lines, better demonstrate mission impact, and lead to more informed collaboration among the membership. The initiative is a multi-year, multi-faceted project that supports current industry standards, and, once implemented, will position Goodwill Industries as a leading insights-driven non-profit.


Support the Data Analytics Initiative’s team in the adoption of a new system that will give Goodwill members quality data and analysis that proactively informs decision-making and fosters collaboration across the membership.


  • Assist GII staff in the preparation, delivery, and follow-up of training sessions for Goodwill members. Trainings will be on topics such as data submission, the use of Dashboards in Tableau, and Using Data Analytics for decision making.
  • Review and analyze Goodwill member data submissions to assess accuracy/completeness and identify solutions for improving data submission quality over time.
  • Create marketing materials, presentations, project timelines, and other resources about the Data Analytics Initiative, write thought leadership articles on data analytics, and promote internal knowledge sharing with Data Analytics Initiative’s enterprise-wide intranet, MyGoodwill.
  • Assist GII staff in the communication to local Goodwill member organizations adopting the new system. This will involve e-mailing and calling key contacts at local Goodwills to hear about the challenges they are facing with the new system and providing individualized, follow-up support.
  • Draft e-mails and other communications to various stakeholders involved in the Data Analytics Initiative.
  • Assist in meeting facilitations. This involves sending and managing calendar invites, setting up webinars, PowerPoint presentations, and conference call lines, capturing notes and action items during meeting and sending them to attendees afterward.


  • Internal: Work closely with members of the GII data analytics initiative, research and development, and marketing and communications teams.
  • GII Members: Occasional contact with information technology and executive staff members from the Goodwill membership, especially those interested or involved in the pilot.
  • Outside: Work regularly with the Data Analytics Initiative implementation partner, Keyrus.

[1] All duties are considered to be essential, unless otherwise indicated.


  • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Strong experience in writing, including but not limited to drafting reports, articles, and summaries of notes from meetings.
  • Microsoft Office skills, including PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • The ability to work both independently and as a team.
  • Organized with strong attention to detail, time management, and multitasking skills.
  • Strong research, analysis, and information-management skills aided by curiosity, big-picture thinking, and the ability to meaningfully find and connect new information.
  • Strong organizational skills, with a high level of attention to detail.

Physical Effort

Sedentary, lifting 10 lbs. maximum. Walking or standing is required only occasionally. Requires long hours at a computer.

Emotional Effort

Work environment usually hectic with periods of high stress. Will need a positive attitude to meet daily challenges.

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