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How do I post a job?
Please log in or make an account here. After making an account, complete the Post a Job form including the payment section.

What is the rate?
$250 for a listing of 45 days

Will I receive a receipt?
You will receive a confirmation email from us as well as a receipt from our payment platform, Stripe.

Where will the job be displayed?
Jobs are live for 45 days on BethesdaMagazine.com/Job-Board

How is Job Board promoted?

Each job shuffles randomly in the jobs module. This module appears on the right-hand side of every page of our website (800,000 avg. monthly page views), and in the Bethesda Beat newsletter (18,000+ subscribers).


Regular, dedicated recent job emails are sent to 10,000+ subscribers. We publish boosted Facebook posts with recent job openings each week.

How long does it take for a post to go live?
Job posts are automatically published when a “Post a Job” form with payment is submitted. Please allow an hour for the website to update and for payment to process.

I don’t see my category listed. How do I add one?
Please choose the closest match, or email jobboard@bethesdamagazine.com.

There’s an error in my job post. How do I correct it?
Please contact jobboard@bethesdamagazine.com.

We filled the position. Can we take the post down early?
Please contact jobboard@bethesdamagazine.com.

Can I cancel my job post?
Sorry, we don’t offer refunds. Please contact jobboard@bethesdamagazine.com with any questions.

With any further questions, please contact jobboard@bethesdamagazine.com.

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