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Suffrage Outside Exhibition

September 10, 2020 – November 1, 2020 all-day
Woodrow Wilson House
2340 S St NW
Washington, DC 20008
Sarah Andrews
Suffrage Outside Exhibition @ Woodrow Wilson House |  |  |

Mark the centennial of women’s right to vote as your walk among the inspiring, larger than life Suffrage images at the unique and extraordinary banner exhibition Suffrage Outside.

The exhibition is open to the public without charge, with timed entry for social distancing and includes towering images depicting the final chapters in the struggle for Women’s Suffrage.

As suffragists raised banners outside Wilson’s White House protesting the President’s inaction in 1918, we raise banners outside in the Wilson House garden a century later to amplify the many ways these women took action. Through visual storytelling this exhibit takes history outside our museum and showcases how women’s work outside the home, their public protests outside in the streets, alliances with activists outside the United States, as well as the work and leadership of Black women pushed outside the ‘mainstream’ middle-class white women’s movement, together propelled the American woman’s suffrage campaign to victory in 1920.

The “Suffrage Outside!” exhibit is part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s “Where Women Made History” campaign, a significant, multi-year initiative recognizing the stories and protecting the historic places that showcase the vision, courage, and leadership of the generations of women who contributed to American history and culture.

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