Yogic Portraits: Paths from the Self to the Universal

October 25, 2021 to @ 10:00 AM - November 30, 2021 @ 04:00 PM
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Gandhi Memorial Center
4748 Western Avenue,
Bethesda, 20816, MD , US

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Phone: 301-320-6871
Name: Gandhi Memorial Center
Ages: Any age


Yoga, as a means to transcend human suffering, is especially relevant today, as we cope with the individual and societal toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. With its stoic emphasis on self-control and discipline as the path to one’s true Self and the Universal (the Atman/Brahman), Yoga has a timeless and cross-cultural appeal. The inspiration for this series of paintings came from a show at the Sackler Gallery on Yoga: The Art of Transformation that included a series of archival photographs of Indian yogis. Some photographs were part of a proto-ethnographic project by the East India Company to document the People of India. Others were commercial photos staged to respond to the demand for exotic imagery and symbolism in the West. The paintings in this exhibition explore the nature of perception, representation, and truth in relation to the historical practice and evolving philosophy of Yoga. About the Artist Elisabetta Marmolo works in a variety of media, but primarily in oil. She is especially drawn to portraiture, seeking to capture the immediacy of subjects that are not staged, but in motion and unaware. Even when working from reference materials, she draws on self-reflection and empathy to reveal the shared human experience. Elisabetta is an economist working in the development field and received art training in Italy, the Philippines and, more recently, at the Smithsonian Institution. Born in Italy, she lives and works in the United States. Her artwork has been exhibited in the United States and can be seen at elisabettamarmolo.com