Rooted in the Earth

July 03, 2021 to @ 11:00 AM - September 19, 2021
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Rofa Projects
10008 Hemswell lane,
Potomac, 207854, MD , US



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Phone: 2027797471
Name: Gabriela Rosso
Ages: all


Con los pies en la tierra is an exhibition based on the analysis of belonging and its consequences. An expanded environment of the earth and its inhabitants that reminds us that the earth does not belong to us, we belong to it and the ideal is that we should do it in community. 

This exhibition tells us about Terricide. Terricide is a consequence of the dominant model that is framed within the general crisis of capitalism and entails the indiscriminate looting of nature, communities, its women, life, ecosystems and ancestral teachings. All this for the benefit of the ruling classes and large transactional companies.

Terricide is the systematic extermination of all life forms and includes four major areas: Genocide, Ecocide, Epistemicide, and Feminicide.

For those who defend the body-territory, the earth is a vital space, of community and collectivity, which makes cross and inter-sectoral eco-feminism a key aspect in this fight to defend it.

Art, critical thinking, words, beauty should not be left out of this word of protest and alert.

Con los pies en la tierra summarizes the work of 7 committed artists in a vision of the world as a community.
Could anyone deny the brutal impact that has occurred in our planet? These artists tell us from their different perspectives that it is not possible to continue denying the obvious.